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Must Haves For Every College Student

By Fiona Abellera June 06, 2018 0 comments

In reality, the only things that a college student needs are sleep, money, love and a plethora of memes to keep them going and sane. Sadly, we can’t have all of those now, could we? College is nice like that. But, there are things that can fill up the voids or at least help to shed a little sunshine on a college student’s life like these 15 items.
  1. Sticky Poo

    This’ll be a delight to throw or squeeze whenever that daily frustration hits you. Unleash your inner monkey and fling it at the wall. Prank a roomy. Release your stress. Or better yet, fling it at your enemy and watch their face cringe in horror. College student must haves
    Photo via Amazon
  2. Running Alarm Clock

    The last thing a sleep deprived college student wants to do first thing in the morning is to chase a screeching, running piece of machinery. But, it’s rather that or the much more alarming wrath of your professor. You won’t be able to hit snooze on this one plus it’ll get you the exercise you keep skipping on. College student must haves
    Photo via Amazon
  3. Wipes or Tissue Packets

    It’s vital to take a packet wherever you go. Because you’ll never know when your stomach will decide to unleash the gory details of your dinner or breakfast. Or you can always use it to wipe your tears on your own because there’s no one to do it for you. These little buggers will save your life.   College student must haves
    Photo by Trish Thurland (Flickr)
  4. Name Labels or Tags

    Sometimes, you just have those roommates who insist that you share even if you don’t care. When you’re not looking, your roommate could already be using your loofah or your toothbrush. Not everyone’s that bad of course. But, better be safe and remind them of the words ‘personal belongings’ by stamping your identity on your stuff. College student must haves
    Photo by Maklay62 (Pixabay)
  5. Mini Pens

    Sometimes, college students forget to bring vital parts of their day like their brain or maybe their pen. Have you ever experienced walking into an exam and realized that you don’t have a pen on you? It’s a hassle to borrow and a lot of your classmates would probably be wary of lending their precious pens because these things don’t usually come back. Fortunately, keychain mini pens exist and you can attach them to your bag or your keys so they’ll always be there for you. College student must haves
    Photo via eBay
  6. Perfume Capsule

    Speaking of mini stuff, perfume capsules are perfect to carry around just in case you need to cover up that no shower scent. (Every college student knows how sleep is the most important thing in the world.) Or you know, just to freshen up on a normal day.
    Photo via Shopinas
  7. Bedside Caddy or Bedside Shelf

    The last thing a college student wants to do on a miracle day where there’s no classes or work to do is to get out of the piece of heaven called their beds. So, to avoid getting out of your sweet bubble put everything you’re going to need for your binge-watching time in one place right beside your bed. college student must haves
    Photo by Josh A. (Flickr)
  8. Anti-Spill Mugs

    Part of being a college student is to have a lot of moments where limb coordination or proper limb function does not exist. It may be the aftermath of an all-nighter studying or partying. Whichever, anti-spill mugs would really help you out on avoiding unnecessary accidents that are only partly your fault. college student must haves
    Photo via Amazon
  9. Food Clips

    Nobody likes soggy chips and nobody likes wasting food. Food clips make sure that your leftover chips won’t end up adding to your disappointment when you finally get to munching on it while watching your favorite movie or series. college student must haves
    Photo by Stocksnap (Pixabay)
  10. Electric Tea Kettle

    Home cooked food is a rare occurrence for a lot of college students, especially for those living in dorms or apartments. So while you’re living on a staple diet of coffee, oatmeal, noodles and boiled eggs, why don’t you get yourself an electric tea kettle so you can just cook those in your room? Now, you can really stay in your room all day away from all human contact.   college student must haves
    Photo by Arab Dalla (Flickr)
  11. Stain Remover Stick

    Keep it close and handy for those no-laundry weeks or months. Because they will come. At least you’ll have a quick fix to make your clothes still wearable. college student must haves
    Photo via Amazon
  12. Slip-on Running Shoes

    No, these are not for exercise. These are for the times when you’ve just finished homework a few minutes before deadline and now you have to run like the apocalypse is behind you to get to school in time. college student must haves
    Photo by AquaChara (Unsplash)
  13. Solar Bug Zapper

    No college student needs an extra case of dengue to add to the mix of school requirements, school drama, environmental pollution, non-existent love life, questionable professors etc.  college student must haves
    Photo via Shopinas
  14. Aromatherapy Oils

    To relax, to focus, to relieve aches, or to cover up the stench of shade from your roommate, aromatherapy oils can do wonders for you. It won’t exactly give you that one additional point to pass but, at least you’ll be happy that your room smells like bubblegum or lavender or bamboo or whatever you choose.
    Photo via Shopinas
  15. To-do-list Notepad

    Apps work but, to-do-lists are a more effective and in-your-face way to haunt college students while they’re procrastinating. But, seriously, there is so much satisfaction in ticking off every item in a to-do-list. It makes you feel like you can now do everything and you can graduate.   college student must haves
    Photo by bohed (Pixabay)

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