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GPS Kids Tracker Watch Guide

By Fiona Abellera June 11, 2018 0 comments

Worried about your child? The GPS Kids Tracker Watch doesn’t only ease up your worries but gives you a very convenient and friendly interface to track your child. This gadget gives you the opportunity to track your child and lets you communicate with them anytime. So how does it work? And how do you set it up? 

Click here to read more about the GPS Kids Tracker Watch and know more about its features.   Before you are able to operate the GPS Kids Tracker Watch, you must first purchase a SIM card. Choose a SIM Card that has a GSM network (before buying one, you can ask the seller about details of GSM active SIM cards). Make sure that the SIM card you buy is a micro-SIM. The  SIM card is important for this will serve as the tracker connection from the phone to the watch and vice versa. Once you have a sim card purchased, insert it into the sim slot at the back of the GPS Kids Tracker Watch. To do that, use the mini screwdriver to open the back part of the watch. When prompted “SIM card missing,” turn off the unit properly and install SIM card in SIM slot. After which, turn it back on and you must have a menu display operational already (refer to photos below).

Here’s a step by step instruction to operate:

  1. Once the sim card is in place, turn on the watch and make sure it is operational.

  2. Download the SE Tracker for Android or IOS application from your Phone’s store GPS Tracker App, register, and create an account.

    Things to remember during registration in the app:
    - Before you click on “Register,” make sure you choose the area you are in.
    - The app will ask you for a Licence ID. This number is found at the back of the watch labeled “ID or REG CODE.” See photo below.
    - If it asks for a “Nickname,” you may input the name of your child.
    - The app will also ask for a phone number. This should be your phone number and not the phone number of your child.
  3. Pair the phone with the watch

    - Once you have already inserted the SIM card into your child’s watch, open up the application on your phone and you must be on the menu of the app:
    - To make sure that your phone is synced with the watch, you must make sure that the registration code (Reg Code) on the back of the watch must be the license that you have put in your registration on the app. See the sample below.
    - Once paired, the application automatically syncs with the watch. So even if the product turns off and on back again, the phone automatically detects the watch. (no need for manually pairing)

Special Features Instructions:

The watch is pretty much straightforward. The “Device” feature in the menu shows you the settings of the watch (changing of time and date), “Geofence” feature shows you the perimeter that your child should be in. Once the perimeter will be crossed, the watch automatically sends an alert message to the app, “Footprint” feature shows the number of steps your child has done at the moment.

How to chat: Since your child is using a watch with a small screen and no keypads or touch buttons to support SMS, the watch acts like a “walkie-talkie.” For your child to send you a voice message, your child can press down the power button and record his/her message, once your child releases the button, the recorded voice message will be sent automatically to the one who has the app installed in the phone. Same goes through with using the phone. Just hold the record icon in the SMS to reply to your child or you can also type your message and the watch will automatically display your message when received.

How to open chat (from watch): Once you received a message on the watch, all you need to do is press the SOS button once, and the recorded received message will play automatically.

How to call: There are numbers corresponding to the buttons on the watch. To call, press button “2” and scroll down through the contacts. Once you have found the contact you want to call, just hold the “2” button and the watch will automatically dial the contact.

Recording of Calls: In wanting to record your voice call, connect your phone to the GPS watch. To know if its active, a light shows and then turn on the record function. The phone app will send the sound notes to the watch. The longest voice recording can be only up to 15 seconds and the watch will automatically restart another 15-second recording. To listen to your recording- short press the SOS button to play. To listen to your recording via phone, long press the ON button and release-then send the recorded sound note.

SOS emergency: You can input 3 numbers for SOS contact on your child’s watch. To activate, just press the SOS key and it will alert after 3 Seconds. The watch will call the 3 numbers inputted in it. If nobody answers, it will repeat twice, and ends.
For more details on the functions; refer to the application on your phone and find the HELP icon.

Live a worry-free life with the GPS Kids Tracker Watch.

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