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5 Things Car Owners Should Have

By Fiona Abellera May 31, 2018 0 comments

May it be a short trip to the grocery, or a long drive to a far-off place, traveling in a car should not be a bore. Instead, it should be a moment to bond all the people riding the vehicle. Car rides should become a way to enjoy trips. If you own a car, here are five car accessories you should own.

5 Things A Car Owner Should Have

  1. Car Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser 

    Nobody likes a vehicle smelling like a wet towel that’s been soaked for a while. Instead, people want to smell a fresh and inviting seat. A car humidifier and aroma diffuser is your answer to all things that smell.

    This device is easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in your vehicle’s heater, press it, and moist of freshness will come out. It does not only freshen but also moisten the air in your vehicle. This is to avoid dryness in long travels and ensures a clearer airway of the passengers that are coughing or sneezing.

    It is not only easy but also safe to use. The device shuts off after two hours if the user forgets to put water in it. It will avoid overheating and the probable explosion of the device.

    Car humidifier and Aroma diffuser

  2. Traveling to an unknown or new location could be a hassle. But with technology, locating places become less of a struggle. But along with this innovation is the struggle of navigating with a smartphone. It increases the risk of getting into an accident before arriving where you want to.

    But with this smartphone car mount from Amazon, navigating is no sweat. You can look at the road while listening to Waze or while Google Maps direct you to the places you pinned on the apps. It fits all sizes of mobile phones. It also has a gap below, which is a space for the charger to attach to the phone port. Not only that, it also rotates to 360 degrees making it easier to transition from portrait to landscape.

  3.  All types of vehicles are prone to scratches. It could be from an accident or an intended approach. Any scratch affects the look of a vehicle. But worry no more, the scratch remover can fix that for you.

    This scratch remover works in seconds. No need for expensive and long paint job repairs. Since it is in liquid form, you can apply it on any surface. You can buff, and use it to remove visible scratches, hazes, and swirl marks. The product also works on any colors and won’t affect or make the pigments fade away.

  4. Another hazard when it comes to driving are accidents encountered along the way. Most of the time, these instances are not documented since it happens in fast-paced moments. But now, it is easier to keep track of what’s happening in the road due to the rise of dash cameras.

    The dash cameras are little cameras attached to either the windshield or dashboard of cars. They are intended to record videos while traveling or the passengers inside. Since they are small in size, they can fit the windshield without blocking the driver’s view.

  5. If your car is an old model, it’s likely to not have a Bluetooth function. Bluetooth in cars enables hands-free voice calls, or music player while on the road. These come in handy especially if you’re a busy person receiving a lot of calls or a bored driver on the road.

    This wireless Bluetooth modulator comes with a USB charging port and an audio port for easy usage. It can be used to connect mobile phones or computers to play music in the car’s speakers. It can run up to 8 hrs continuous time. But it also has a sleep mode for longer hours of use.

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